Trick to Increase Instagram followers

  1. Self Boasting

A good way to make your presence felt in social media platforms is to do something that attracts attention. One of such way could be mass report a fake pages or clickbait pages. This would reduce wastage of peoples time on on these non-useful pages, in addition to raise in your fame as a righteous person.

A popular tool to mass report any Instagram page:

Mass report fake/malicious pages

2. Account Method

This method is primarily for meme accounts. This may work with other pages too but you probably won’t gain too much out of it.

Now, I’m sure you’ve all see those people who comment “Don’t read my username!” or whatever, and there username says “Don’t read my bio” and it’s basically a quiz that in the end will eventually lead to an advertisement asking you to follow their account.

I have done this myself and have gained many followers from it, if you want to see an example of this search an account by the name of “Don’t read my bio” and click on it, and go through the quiz. You can get some ideas and make your own, it’s very simple but can be time consuming, but I definitely recommend it as you will profit very much off this.

3. Follow 4 Follow Method (But followers are active!)

This method works for all accounts, and you will gain a lot off this.
When people hear follow for follow, they think you just gain inactive followers who don’t care about your page and never interactive with it.

Well… they’re absolutely right.

BUT — this method shows you how to do follow for follow THE RIGHT WAY, and gain active followers who like and comment on your posts and interact with you.

For this method, you’re going to want to find an account that is in the same genre as you. For example — if you were a fitness account, you would go to another fitness account that posts similar stuff to you.

Now, go to one of their posts (preferably their most recent post so you may get followers quickly if they’re online and the post was just posted or very recent) and you want to click on the likes, so it shows a list of everyone who has liked the post, and you’re going to want to follow people on that list. I recommend maybe 30–50 people at a time, otherwise you may get blocked from following people for a couple of hours. Maybe even go onto their account and like a couple of their posts too, so there’s a higher chance they’ll check you out and leave a follow.

Once you’ve done this for a while, download an app called Unfollower or Cleaner, and this is going to automatically unfollow people who don’t follow you back. No, Instagram won’t ban you or anything for this, it’s an easy way to get rid of people you’re following so your page doesn’t look too messy or anything.

This method is very effective and you will gain followers easily.

4. Post for post / Shoutout for shoutout Method

You’ve probably heard of shoutout for shoutout, maybe not post for post. But using shoutout for shoutout can gain you a small ammount of followers but not many, and is not very effective, but still good to use for small followers.
Post for post however is very effective and you easily gain tens/hundreds of followers depending on your follower count.

5. Shoutout for shoutout

Message other pages in your genre that have around the same follower account as you, and ask for shoutout for shoutout. They’ll most likely say yes and you can use a free template off google or somewhere, and post it onto your story. (I recommend using a poll so it’s more interactive). So if you were a meme page doing shoutout for shoutout, an example would be:

Do you like edgy memes?
Then follow @user

Obviously not the best method for followers, but you can still easily gain a couple.

6. Post for post -
Post for post is when you and another page post something on their feed that will make people want to follower the other person. A good example of this would be a picture of an iphone and the caption “OMG, @user IS GIVING AWAY 3 IPHONES TO THE NEXT PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW HIM”

Some people don’t like this method, but is EXTREMELY good at getting followers FAST.

7. Gains

A gain is when you and maybe 4 or 5 other pages each post something (similar to post for post) but this is more effective as it will get you even MORE followers. I highly recommend this method and is good for gaining followers fast.

8. Self promo

For this you may want to use an alternate account and follower pages that are — again — in your genre, and turn post notifications on for them. Whenever they post something, you want to comment something like “OMG, you won’t believe what @your_main_account just posted! Follow him quick”. And also make sure to like it so it bumps it up to the top of all the other comments.

You should gain some followers from this and it’s quite effective.

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